Hasanah Aid

Orphan Sponsorship Programme


Hasanah Aid Orphan Sponsorship Programme: A Beacon of Hope

Be part of the great cause of saving and shaping lives by sponsoring an orphan and achieve 5 prophetic Rewards.

At Hasanah Aid, we have witnessed the transformative magic of the Orphan Sponsorship Programme firsthand. This initiative is not just about providing momentary relief; it’s a deep dive—an investment into the future of a sponsored child. Make their believe into reality.

With your sponsorship contribution, a vulnerable orphan receives a new dawn, dream of living anew, education, friendship, essential learning tools, a sense of dignity and pride, and holistic care.

Alhamdulillah! at Hasanah Aid, with your sponsorship many orphans have memorised the entire Quran and completed full Alimiyyah courses and became Hafiz and Alim.

You can be an honourable sponsor in shaping an orphan’s enlightened life.